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to call your own WE ARE AN EXPERIENCED COMPANY Find a special place You see, at 504 Builders LLC, we’re not just building houses.
We’re helping to build lives.
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Founded In 2020

Home for Your Stage of Life

Our long experience has taught us about how hard it can be for you to reach the perfect home for your stage of life. That is why we want to know how it’s your dream house, and how we can make it happen.

Once you answer our questions –such as How many rooms do you want? How big the garage must be? Do you need a school nearby?–,  we can start to approach your expectations by showing you all the options we have that can satisfy your needs. If none of them does it, then we will determine how we can build it.

  • Smart Door Locks
  • Smart Lighting
  • Ceiling fans in all BR’s
  • Blinds on Windows
  • Automatic Garage Door
  • Backyard Sod


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Family Home Building

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Security and quality are the most important things that your house must have, without question. We know that, and for that reason we put so much effort into providing you with the best house you choose to live in. Your family deserves to enjoy your home, and we are the most qualified company in the market to do it.


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We don’t build a simple house for you, we offer you a home and a neighborhood adapted to your family needs. As a hard working person, you deserve a beautiful home that you and your family could enjoy. To do it, we develop neighborhoods that have a unique personality and match your lifestyle.

Available Homes

Take a look of our recent works performed and why not, maybe will find your dream’s house.

Home Building

We build our houses so that you and your family can have a rich and productive life.

We Buy Land

We also buy lands. If you are interested in sell don’t hesitate to contact with us.

Don’t hesitate, if you have any inquire just Contact Us