Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a custom built house will depends on the following factors:

How many rooms the house will have

It’s not the same to build a house with 2 rooms than build one with 6. The space each room will have is also an aspect to consider.

How many amenities you want

A suite bathroom or an additional compartment are only 2 examples of the many amenities we can offer you. The number and type of amenities your home will have can increase your budget.

Where your house will be located

We count with lots situated in different places and you can choose one of them.

The quality of your choice

For the materials we use to build your house, we can offer you:

  • A standard option: We start with materials of average quality that will guarantee the safety of the construction of your future home.
  • A superior option: This option counts with materials of a higher quality and a slightly higher building cost.

The number of stories your house will have

The cost of your house will increase according to the number of stories you want.

The cost of your house increases with the number of amenities you want for it, as much as the time we need to add them, and to create the construction plans of your home.

The time that it will take us to build your new house is directly related to the quality of the materials and the number of stories and rooms.

We recommend you to take the time we give you as an estimation. During the construction we also depend on things we cannot control, such as the weather or the disponibility of the materials we need to build your house in the terms we agreed.

If you want us to build your house as soon as possible, we can offer you our option of prefabricated houses, which does not count with the choice of adding amenities or extra rooms.

We count with a little tutorial that will help you to select the floor plan you want for your house:

Choose the floor plan

The first thing you must figure out is what you want. We count with an important number of connoisseurs that count with many years of experience in leading our clients into the discovery of one of the most important things their house must have exactly like they want it, to be their dream home: that is, the home floor plan.

Define the materials you want

The next step is to define if you want our standard quality materials or the superior materials. We also must define how many craftsmen will be required, because the number of our staff increases according to the complexity of your choice.

Everything is ready!

Once we finish, we must make sure that we did our job right. We can only do that by showing you our final work.

We would be glad to meet you at:

1716 Briarcrest Dr Suite 300,
Bryan, TX 77802